New Bell Schedule - 11/10/14

Please click this link to access our new Bell Schedule which will begin on 11/10/2014.


North Valley High School Athletics Committee Update:

Help Needed!!!!!!

The current group of parents of former and future Knights who are the board members and officers of the North Valley High School Athletics Committee has reached the end of their term of service to our kids. They would like to find a new set of volunteers who are willing to focus on continual improvements to the athletic facilities at our school. Since the early 1990s, this committee has had a long list of very active parents who went well beyond the extra mile to support their kids and all of our students so that the places they have to compete are quality venues. Over the years they have made significant improvements to the football field, the track, the entrance, the concession stands and restrooms at the football field, a wrestling room, the softball field, the baseball facility and other small projects along the way. While much has been done for many parts of our athletic fields, much work remains to be completed.


The current board would like to see their work handed off to a group of people with the passion, commitment, skill and business capacity to manage and complete large scale improvements. The NVHSAC is an independent  501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that has extensive reporting and audit requirements. The various skill sets that prospective members would need to have include:

· project/construction management

· grant writing

· non-profit compliance reporting

· strong written and spoken communication skills

· the capacity to negotiate with competing interests

· accounting, a sense of responsibility for large sums of money

· the ability to share a common vision for the future of North Valley High School


The most pressing needs and wants that have been working their way through the school and the committee are:

· the completion of the ‘Knight Coliseum’ with permanent seating and broadcast and scouting booth

· a hitting facility at the baseball field

· more practice space for baseball adjacent to the existing field

· an upgrade of the soccer fields at Manzanita

· set asides for track and field repairs

· improvements in the gyms

· and a host of smaller needs.


If you are an interested person who would like to take on a multiple year effort, please call the school and ask for our Athletic Director, Justin Parker, who will act as a liaison to facilitate the transition to the next group of volunteers.