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School Board Meeting Schedule & Information

Work Sessions (as needed) - First Wednesday/Month - 5:00 p.m.
Regular Sessions - Third Wednesday/Month - 6:00 p.m.  
Please check the attached schedule for location and specific dates as there some adjustments to the meeting schedule due to holidays, deadlines, etc.


Public Participation 

The Three Rivers School District School Board welcomes citizens to attend Board meetings to become acquainted with the programs and operation of the district.  Members of the public are also encouraged to share their ideas and opinions with the Board during the agenda item labeled “Community Comments”. Three (3) minutes per person up to a total of twenty (20) minutes will be allotted for public input. Comments or questions from the audience at any other time during the meeting except for the agenda item “Community Comments” will be declared out of order.

During this agenda item “Community Comments” we ask that you abide by the following rules:


1.   Please state your name and the topic you are addressing before you begin.

2.   Speakers are asked to direct their questions and comments to the Chair.  The Chair will refer any questions or requests for action to the proper person for a response.

3.   If a group wishes to speak, please designate one spokesperson for the group.  In order to maintain the meeting schedule repetitious comments will not be permitted.

4.   Speakers may offer objective criticism of district operations and programs but the Board will not hear complaints concerning individual district personnel nor against any person connected with the school system.  The Chair will direct the visitor to the appropriate means for Board consideration and disposition of legitimate complaints involving individuals.

5.   Complaints regarding budget, programs, or other district issues should be handled by first following the steps outlined in district policy KL  (Public Complaints) and KL-AR (Public Complaint Procedure).  

6.   If you wish to submit a letter or any form of written comments, the Board will accept those and keep them in the district office in a Board communication file.  Copies will be given to all Board members and those written letters or comments are public documents.