Student Health Center

The student Health Center is available for the following Schools:

Illinois Valley High School

625 East River Street

Cave Junction, OR 97523

Main Office: (541) 592-3749

Fax: (541) 492-4449

Lorna Byrne Middle School

101 South Junction Avenue

Cave Junction, OR 97523

Main Office: (541) 592-6978

Fax: (541) 592-6702

Evergreen Elementary School

520 W. River Street

Cave Junction, OR 97523

Main Office: (541) 592-6491

Fax: (541) 592-6489

All Students who plan to use the Student Health Center for the 2021/2021 school year must complete and return the health center packet. Click Here for REgistration Forms.

What is a School-Based Student Health Center?

A School-Based Health Center is much more than the traditional school nurse's office. It is a medical facility located in the school that offers many health and medical services like your doctor's office (see list below). We do not replace your primary doctor and all of our services are provided at the school. The student health centers are operated by Siskiyou Community Health Center through an agreement with Three Rivers School District.

Who works at the Student Health Center?

Our staff includes a Physician Assistant (PA) who can treat most health problems and prescribe medications, and a registered nurse (RN). There is also a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), at Illinois Valley High School and Lorna Byrne Middle School. Brief mental health counseling and/or referral to mental health/drug and alcohol services are also available. All staff are supervised by and have support of the Siskiyou Community Health Center physicians and medical doctor.

What services are offered?

We can take care of most of your student's health care needs at the Student Health Center. If there is an emergency or service we do not provide, we contact 911 or will make a referral to another health care provider. When the health center is not open or staff is unavailable, school personnel will follow the school guidelines for all emergency situations.

  • Wellness and how to maintain it for a lifetime

  • Physical examinations

  • Mental health services and counseling

  • Referrals to other health care providers

  • Immunizations and flu shot

  • Assessment of health strengths and challenges

  • Nutrition education and weight management

  • Diagnosis and treatment of minor illness

  • Dental screening

  • Vision and blood pressure screening

  • Tests such as anemia, diabetes and infection