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2017-2018 Assurances


Dear Students, Families and Staff of Three Rivers School District,

Looking ahead to the 2018-2019 school year is both exciting and humbling at the same time. I am excited about the opportunities being created for students and families across the district. I am also excited about the opportunities for the educators of TRSD as we create new and innovative opportunities for teacher leadership, after school programming and professional development. I am humbled by the amazing people I work every day. Humbled by their willingness to go the extra mile as educators and their passion for serving the students of Three Rivers School District. It is also my distinct honor to work for the TRSD Board of Directors. Kate Dwyer - Board Chair and Zone 1 (Illinois Valley), Jennifer Johnston - Vice Chair and Zone 5 (North Valley), Danny York - Zone 2 (Hidden Valley), Rich Halstead - Zone 3 (Hidden Valley), and Paul Kelly - Zone 4 (North Valley). The School Board representing TRSD is dedicated to improving conditions that foster student success and wellness. Setting rigorous and meaningful goals, they continue to set the tone for our district in a positive and supportive fashion.

During these uncertain budgetary times in Oregon, we at TRSD are constantly looking for ways to create high quality educational programs, classes and activities that are supported outside of the general fund budget from the state. We were awarded another 5-year 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21CCLC) grant this summer and will begin offering after school and summer time programming at North Valley High School, Hidden Valley High School, Lorna Byrne Middle School and Evergreen Elementary School. These schools along with our amazing community partners will begin offering academic support, enrichment and extension classes as early as September under this new grant.

TRSD is also entering into our third and final year of the Chalkboard Collaboration grant, offering teacher leadership opportunities to our staff, highly impactful teacher led professional development and ultimately better instructional opportunities for our students. It is through opportunities like the ones we get from 21CCLC and the Collaboration grant that allows us to fill in the gaps left by inadequate state school funding. We are tireless in our pursuit of these opportunities and will continue to advocate for the students, families and staff of Three Rivers School District.

Our Board goals are a driving force behind all of our strategies surrounding the improvement of student success and wellness. Ultimately the TRSD Board of Directors wants to improve graduation rates. From our current rate of low 70’s to 85% by the year 2023. They recognize that graduation rate increases start with our kindergarten classes and culminate with our graduating seniors. Our focus does not simply rest on each new class of 12th graders in an effort to get them across the stage at graduation. It begins with awesome instructional practices in a students first year of school and continues on through each grade level. Increased graduation rates depends on every single person involved in the educational process for our students from K to 12. We view graduation rates as a bridge between early childhood education and college and career readiness. It is critically important to us that students not only cross the bridge (graduate) but that they are ready for what waits for them on the other side. It is important to us that they are prepared and equipped to be successful in whatever awaits them after their high school experience. We have two goals, or pillars, supporting the goal of graduation for our students in TRSD. Our first support goal is to create a culture of care that serves every student. A culture of care refers to our staffs’ understanding and ability to appropriately support each and every student that walks through our school house doors. Our second support goal is to ensure High Quality 3Cs to all stakeholders. 3Cs refers to communication, customer service and community engagement. The board understands that sustainable and authentic academic improvement will only take place with strong relationships with our parents, families and community partners.

As I have already stated, this is going to be an exciting year full of opportunities and great things for kids. I am encouraged that we have been able to improve conditions from my original May 2018 budget message. We have gone from 4 cut days down to 2. We have also been able to recover after school transportation through the use of various grants, including 21CCLC. We continue to work towards a full school year for our students as well as for our staff. Until then, I continue to humbly work alongside the amazing and dedicated employees of TRSD. It is truly my honor to serve as Superintendent of this incredible school district.


Dave Valenzuela



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