2021 Three Rivers SD
Bond Measure 17-99

Safe, Warm, Dry, and Future-Ready

The proposed $81.77 million bond measure will repair and update all of our schools to provide safe, warm, and dry campuses. These improvements will include upgraded learning spaces, improved career and technical programs, and will allow the district to provide high-quality education for the next 20 years.

Safe, Warm, & Dry

Career & Technical Education

Improved School Spaces


Safe, Warm, and Dry


Recent wildfire seasons and the COVID pandemic have revealed the critical need for improved air quality and filtration systems throughout all district schools. With bond approval, all TRSD schools would receive HVAC system upgrades to provide clean, filtered air and temperature control in all classrooms and student spaces.


All TRSD schools would receive new roofing to ensure dry, protected classrooms through the next two decades.


TRSD schools with water or septic repair needs would be upgraded to meet current standards.


TRSD schools requiring additional ADA access, paved sidewalks, and parking lots would be repaired to ensure long-term sustainability.

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Career and TEchnical education Investment

Three Rivers School District recognizes the importance that career and technical education provides in preparing students for becoming financially successful and independent beyond graduation.

With bond approval, TRSD will upgrade and expand CTE programs in both middle and high schools in a variety of areas including:



All Three Rivers School District students deserve clean, modern, and functioning learning environments. If the proposed bond passes, the district will not only have the ability to improve the various educational spaces we currently have but also create new ones to serve the next generation of students.

In addition to replacing water-damaged ceiling tiles, degrading window sills, and repairing numerous floor surfaces, TRSD plans to construct outdoor learning spaces to serve a multitude of instructional needs for students across the district.

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4 Things To Remember

If the proposed measure passes, the Bond would fund investments into all TRSD schools to improve safety, security, and comfort for students and teachers.

If the proposed measure passes, the State of Oregon would award Three Rivers School District a matching funds grant of $4.975 million to help fund proposed bond projects.

If the proposed measure passes, the Bond would fund investments into career and technical training programs through facilities improvements to Career and Technical Education spaces across the district.

If the proposed measure passes, the Bond would extend the life of school buildings across the district to ensure high-quality schools for years to come.

Cost to the Taxpayer

The district estimates that, if passed, the proposed $81.77 million dollar bond would increase the current bond rate to 93¢ per $1,000 assessed value. For example, a homeowner with a house assessed at $200,000 would expect to pay $186 a year, or the equivalent of $15.50 a month.

Want to better understand how to read your tax bill in order to estimate your individual cost from the new bond? Click the button below to learn more.

State Matching Funds

The State of Oregon has awarded Three Rivers School District $4.975 million to help fund bond projects. The district can only receive these funds if the bond measure is passed.


An independent, citizen-led Bond Oversight Committee will be established to oversee the use of bond funds if the bond passes.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, click the link below to sign up.


Click the button below share your thoughts, concerns, or ideas regarding the Bond Measure with the TRSD Leadership Team.