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Field Trip Permission

I understand that my child will be participating in school or student reward activities throughout the school year that may be conducted outside the classroom during regular school hours, and that all rules and regulations found in the school's Student/Parent Handbook are in effect. These activities may include, but are not limited to the following: field trips or class trips that may involve my child riding in TRSD approved transportation, or walking to locations near my child's school.  Information regarding each trip will be sent home with each student at leastone week before the scheduled activity, as well as email and/or other district communication methods.

I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain current contact information with my child's school. This contact information includes mailing address, email address, and telephone. Student conduct should represent appropriate behavior and school pride to the community, and students must:

1. Follow all directions and guidelines established by the adult(s) in charge.
2. There will be no use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages or other drugs at any time.
3. All established time schedules will be followed.
4. Reasonable and proper behavior will be maintained at all times during the trip.

I recognize that in the case of serious violation of the rules outlined in the school's Student/Parent Handbook including those listed above, that parent(s) will be called and that the student may be sent home at their expense, as well as face other consequences as listed in the Three Rivers Schools District Discipline Matrix.

By giving permission I affirm that my student understands the rules and I agree to the conditions set forth. I understand that participating in field trips may present a potentially hazardous activity and I acknowledge my child participates with my permission. I know that he/she could suffer a serious or fatal injury while participating in activities. I further acknowledge that he/she will elect to not participate in any activity that he/she cannot be a part of due to health concerns. I release from liability and hold harmless the Three Rivers School District, its agents, representatives, board members, teachers, employees and volunteers from all claims and liabilities arising out of my student's participation in any school activities, except those which result from sole negligence of the district.