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Win Cash for College

posted Jan 19, 2017, 1:48 PM by Eileen Dryer   [ updated Feb 1, 2017, 7:59 AM ]
The Oregon College Savings Plan is giving away one $529 account to a family in each of our elementary schools through the Be College Ready program. All elementary school parents are eligible to win, yet many parents have to yet entered! To enter the sweepstakes go to http://www.becollegeready.net/cash-for-college.shtml.

In addition, there is a special program being offered to kindergarten parents to receive $25 who open a new Oregon College Savings Plan account or add to a pre-existing one for their kindergartner. Again, all you have to do as a kindergarten parent is go online to receive the $25 at http://www.becollegeready.net/account-funding.shtml.

The Oregon College Savings Plan, part of the state treasury, provides families a tax-advantaged way to save money for higher education expenses. The funds are invested and the growth on those investments is tax-free as long as they’re used for higher education. There’s also a tax deduction for what you contribute.

Please take advantage of these opportunities offered by the Be College Ready program and learn more about the Oregon College Savings Plan at oregoncollegesavings.com.