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ELL Services

Three Rivers School District is committed to providing English Language Learners with equal access to our curriculum and activities.  Our goal is to assist English Language Learners in developing the English language skills they need to communicate well with others, to learn and succeed in their classrooms, and to be prepared for their futures in career, family and community roles.

It is our desire to work in partnership with our families, show value for the cultural heritage of our students, and encourage students to maintain and develop their native language skills.

What We Do:

1- Assess students to determine their level of English language proficiency.

2- Provide training and support for district teachers to help them provide comprehensible, effective content instruction and English Language Development within their classrooms.

3- Communicate with families of English Language Learners to keep them informed about their children's education.

4- Provide interpreting for parent conferences and other school meetings, and provide translation of school communication.

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